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Welcome to Infekted!

Create your own, custom, unique NFTs with the help of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence.

Sounds amazing? This is how you'll do it:

  1. Login with Stoic Wallet
  2. Provide a text input that describes how your custom-generated NFT should look like.
  3. Click on 'Generate My NFT' to start the NFT generation. If this is your first NFT by Infekted, it'll be free. Otherwise, it costs a small fee that we use to feed a few hungry developers at Infekted.
  4. The AI uses your text input, many bits and robot love to generate an image that matches your description. Excited to see how it'll actually look? Don't forget to breathe!
  5. The generated image is stored as an NFT on Internet Computer and you can see it in your Stoic Wallet (usually within 24h) - just like magic :)

Create a new NFT

To create your custom NFT, log in first:

NOTE: Your first NFT by Infekted is free (yayy). Afterwards, it's just 0.1 ICP to generate another custom NFT for you.

We're so excited! How will your custom-generated NFT look like??!

Proof-of-Examples (PoE), anyone?!

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Infekted Presents: The GodMinter

We created these crypto-themed movie posters with Infekted, the same AI NFT Generator you've got access to here, by providing the movie's summary as text input! Pretty dope, right?!

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